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HometrueSpace 7.61 & 7.6

trueSpace 7.61 & 7.6       http://www.caligari.com

trueSpace 7.61 is a powerful 3D modeling and animation, with several years of tradition. Its first version was launched in 1994, and the program has been refined over time, slowly becoming one of the most respectable of its area. In 2008, the production company was acquired by Microsoft, and then the software is now distributed free, Caligari don't have time to make perfect merge of trueSpace 6.6 tools in Workspace of trueSpace 7, the result is the availability of trueSpace 7 (Workspace) with the modelside (trueSpace 6.6), all in one application.

If you are 3D beginner and want starting to learn to modeling, trueSpace is for you, all the interface is based of explicit icons, very easy to understand, no need to learn a big list of shortcuts keys, you can cutomize the UI as suits your best.

trueSpace exist in several version, this new trueSpace fan site "http://truespace.kabrite.com/" made by Emmanuel (member of "United3dartists" forum), he will explain you clearly all the things about these severals trueSpace versions.

trueSpace Modelside Edition V2.1, it's my personnal custom build released for everyone, this version is concentrate only on the modelside aka trueSpace 6.6.

There is lot of stuff inside the V2.1, for more than one year i have collected around the web some plugins, shaders, objects and tutorials, to see all these things added in this V2.1 version it's better to read the "trueSpace76_Modelside_Edition_V2.1.txt" file.

All rar files need to be extracted with the last WinRAR version or you can't extract them without errors:

trueSpace 7.6 Modelside Edition V2.1
Bonus Files (optional)
trueSpace videos tutorials files (modelside/tS66)
Download tS76_Modelside_Edition_V2.1.exe 00_trueSpace_101.rar
Information content trueSpace76_Modelside_Edition_V2.1.txt CGTalk.obl.rar ( need to be extracted in "tS/Library" folder. ) 01_Spirit_Course.rar
Lowpoly_JP.obl.rar ( need to be extracted in "tS/Library" folder. ) 02_GSWTS_Course.rar
UV_Checkers_textures.rar 03_Poly_Course.rar
tsx_Plugins_Pack_V2.rar for tS6 ( include in the V2.1 ) 06_Animation_Course.rar
Shaders_and_Materials_Pack_V2.rar for tS6 ( include in the V2.1 ) 07_CharacterAnimation_Course.rar

Comparison versions.

Screenshot of the interface (Workspace).

Some useful links on the web: :

United3dartists community forum

Misc tutorials for trueSpace

Render-lab, tutorials for trueSpace 6.6

Clintons3D, videos tutorials for gameSpace compatible trueSpace 6.6

Plug-ins for trueSpace 6.6

DesignDevil, plug-ins for trueSpace 6.6

Clintons3D, plug-ins for trueSpace 6.6 and 7.6

Digivision, plug-ins for trueSpace 6.6

Uvworx, plug-ins for trueSpace 6.6

Primitiveitch, plug-ins for trueSpace 6.6

Freecp, plug-ins for truespace 6.6

Shaders for trueSpace 6.6

DX shaderpack for trueSpace 7.6 (Workspace)

Darksim, Simbiont 2.51 Shaders for trueSpace 6.6 and 7.6 (See menu "Archive" to download the file.)

Darksim, Darktree shaders for trueSpace 6.6 and 7.6

TJViking, Free Fast GI (Global illumination) shader for truesSpace 6.6

Gubbie, shaders for trueSpace 6.6