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3DAce is polygonal modeler like Hexagreat 3D but with more features, very easy to learn.

3DAce can support these formats files:

Import: *.ACE, *.ROK(Hexagreat 3D), *.DXF, *.LWO, *.OBJ, *.MX, *.MQO(Metasequoia), *.3DS, *.TED.

Export: *.ACE, *.ROK(Hexagreat 3D), *.DXF, *.LWO, *.WRL, *.MX, *.OBJ, *.MQO(Metasequoia), *.XSI, *.X, *.3DS, *.TED.

For more information, see the list of shortcuts keys in the menu Help.

For Win95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/7 Under Windows 95 you need the opengl.dll file. ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/softlib/mslfiles/opengl95.exe

Download : 3DAce 2.72 EN----Updated translation 06/12/11

Some screenshots of the interface.

3D Model created by Foobar