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Arcade Game Studio Help chm manual v1.02       http://www.bruneras.com/arcadegamestudio/

Here a chm manual help file for the program "Arcade Game Studio" ou "ARGS",a program for making games, made by Bruno R. Marcos.

You can create easily your own games with this program, no programming required.

As there is few help for this program, i have make this help chm file to have all we need to make games with ARGS.

In bonus with the official help, there are some pages with pixel art tutorials links, color palettes links, 2D tools links and games links made with ARGS.

Thanks to Pablo A. M. Villalva to permit me to include his tutorial about ARGS, also thanks for all people that make pixel art tutorials, color palettes and freeware tools.

Download : Arcade Game Studio chm Manual v1.03

Warning: If you see white page in the chm file, you need to right-click on the file, and go in the "Properties", check the "Unlock" box and click "Apply" button.